Core Activities

FABRICATION, SUPPLY & ERECTION of Galvanized and Non-Galvanized Steel Structures, Gantry, Process Equipment & Metering Skids, Electro-forged Gratings, Solar PV Mounting Frames, Telecom Structures, VSAT Supporting system, Foundation Bolts, Substation structures, Cable Trays, Hand Rails & Material Handling equipments including Hoppers, Chutes, Conveyors, Platforms & Screen stations.


Galvanized & Non-Galvanized Steel Structures:-

  • Tubular, Hybrid & Angular type Telecommunication Towers for both roof top and green field types.
  • Mounts - Floor Pole mounts (Self supporting type), Tri-pole & other wall mounted pole mounts.
  • Monopole Structures - Up to 30 M heights for telecom applications.
  • Diverse Antenna Mounting Structures - Dual Pole Gantry, GSM & M/W Antenna mounts, Universal flexible couplings.
  • Structure for Supporting Satellite / VSNL Antennae.
  • Pre Fabricated Building structures / Trusses & Sheds
  • Sub-station & Switch Yard Structures.
Hydro-Electric Power Generation Projects:-
  • Fabrication of miscellaneous structures i.e. Inspection Platform, Runner Lifting Arrangement, Runner Trolley, Protection Cover, Balancing weights for Generator & Turbine rotors, Rotor Assembly device, Rotor Jacking device etc.


Cell-on-wheels (cow) structures for telecommunications:-
  • The cell-on-wheels and cell-on-legs are solution that can help operators to deploy their network in the fastest possible way.the design caters for both ease of transportation and safety in operation.
  • we manufacture and do commissioning of cell-on-wheels as per specific design and requirement of loading i.e. no. of GSM antennas and microwaves in various collapsible tower height of 15 to 45 meters. these mobile units are custom made with a flexible manufacturing approach by our in house CAD design team for appropriate wind loading and mounts loading.

Fast Track Site (GRD) / Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU):-

Towers can be erected in short time by using pre mold cast blocks and counter weight without having concrete foundation and are known as fast track sites.These are the solution for-

  • When infrastructure consideration prevents building a permanent site at all location.
  • Where ownership issues are  there and can be moved to another site by dismantling tower and the foundation blocks.
  • Where digging and casting concrete foundation is uneconomical.


Electro-Forged Gratings & Grating clamps:-

  • Design, Manufacturing and supply of Electro-forged Steel Gratings of International quality with ultra modern technology of Electro-forge process.
  • Grating Clamps and fixtures.


Solar PV Mounting Frames:-

  • Mounting structures, both Fixed and Seasonal type for Solar PV Mounting Frames.
  • Pylons for Solar Thermal Plants.


 Boiler Ducting:-
  • Fabrication & Supply of Boiler Ducting & related structures.




 Handrails & Foundation Bolts:-
  • Fabrication & Supply of Galvanized & Non Galvanized Foundation Bolts in 12 mm to 85 mm diameter and up to 3 M in length with BSW, Metric or UNC threads conforming to IS-1367 Class 4.6 & 5.6 for Telecom Towers, Solar Structures and Power Plants on high precision machines i.e. Thread Rolling m/c & Thread Chasers.


Material Handling Equipments:-
  • Fabrication & Supply of Hoppers & Chutes, Receiving Hoppers, Screen stations, Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Stackers & Re-claimers for Material Handling Plants.




Equipments & Metering Skids:-

  • Gantry & Skid mounted Process equipments
  • Metering and Filter skids

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