Environment, Safety and Health (ESH):

Cell-Com Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. recognizes the prevention of all hazards and risks relating to Health and working environment as their moral responsibility and social obligation. Cellcom’s   EHS policy aims to make best efforts in the direction of preventing/ minimizing accidents and injuries, which may occur in the course of   work. We achieve this by instituting progressive safety, health and environment systems in our business operation and ensure implementation through:-

  • Regular Training and Awareness of Environment, Safety & Health to the Employees.
  • Safe work Practices.
  • To ensure uses of PPE i.e Helmets, Safety Glasses, Safety Shoes, Hand gloves & Safety belts.
  • Providing appropriate medical and First-aid facilities.
  • Continuous pursuance of Health & Safety instructions.
  • Safety Audit
  • Safety Committee
  • Maintaining record of information on legislation, codes of practice and technical developments in connection with our process.
  • Delivering Products confirming to required safety standards.
  • Maintaining a state of preparedness in case of any eventuality. 


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